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Evolution Equations and Control Theory

Instruction for Authors

Click EditFlow to SUBMIT an article. Contact editflow@msp.org with technical problems.

All submissions to EECT: 

  *  Submission should include PDF file of the complete manuscript. 
  *  The authors may suggest one or more members of the Editorial Board to handle the paper. 

All suitable papers will undergo a strict peer review process. The publication decision will be made by the Editorial Board.

The Aim and Scope of the journal that includes a list of topics can be found on the website https://www.aimsciences.org/journal/A0000-0000.

Citations (1) Each citation and reference in your manuscript must play an essential role.  (2) An explanation for each reference must be clearly integrated into the narrative of your manuscript.  (3) Do not cite any reference if your paper is not affected without it.

Submission of a manuscript by a corresponding author is a representation that the work has not been previously published, is not being submitted for publication elsewhere, is copyrighted by the authors, and the submission is approved by all authors.

Manuscript Preparation

A sample submission is provided, and papers formatted according to the sample will be able to move much more smoothly through the publication process. The final submission may consist of one or more TeX files, graphics files, auxiliary files, etc.

AIMS strongly prefers that authors use the AMS-LaTeX macro package. All author-created TeX macros and macro packages used in the paper must be included with the submission. The use of complex and non-standard macro packages should be kept to a minimum. Only standard TeX fonts can be used: Computer Modern, AMSFonts, and LaTeX symbol fonts. PostScript graphics in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format can be included and should be sent as separate files. The preferred macro package for including EPS graphics files is the LaTeX graphicx package.

Each paper requires an abstract not exceeding 200 words and must contain AMS subject classification information and keywords.

Additional information on TeX preparation can be found at: Tex file preparation.


The authors of all accepted papers should retrieve a Consent to Publish and Copyright Agreement Form, fill it out, sign it, and email the PDF of a scanned copy to journal@aimsciences.org, or send the hard copy to:

American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, P. O. Box 2604, Springfield, MO 65801-2604 USA

Papers will be returned to the authors for final proofreading after they have been formatted.

All papers are published free of charge.

At AIMS, we do everything we can to have your article reach as many interested readers as possible, and we encourage authors to do the same. Please consider sharing a link to your article on relevant social media such as ResearchGate and LinkedIn.

Article Repository Policy

How to write and publish a math paper
This presentation may serve as a guide for junior researchers to improve the composition of their first articles. Use of this guide could increase the chances that an article resonates with peers and referees and garners more success overall.

2020 Impact Factor: 1.081
5 Year Impact Factor: 1.269
2020 CiteScore: 1.6



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