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Volume 4, 2021

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Mathematical Foundations of Computing

Call for papers

Special Issue of Mathematical Foundations of Computing on " Approximation by linear and nonlinear operators with applications "
Papers for the above special issue can be submitted at the following link:
Editor: Danilo Costarelli, University of Perugia, danilo.costarelli@unipg.it
Deadline for the submission: August 15 2021.
Call for papers:
Approximation Theory is a very current research topic that meets a wide range of mathematicians for what concerns both theoretical and applicative aspects.
In the special issue “Approximation by linear and nonlinear operators with applications” we aim to collect original research papers, as well as survey papers, concerning recent advances in the theory of approximation methods and their applications.
Among the potential topics of the special issue we have the following items:

  • Approximation by linear and nonlinear operators in abstract function spaces (convergence, order of approximation, inverse theorems, saturation results, and other);
  • Interpolation by linear and nonlinear operators;
  • Asymptotic expansions and Voronovskaja-type theorems;
  • Methods of Real and Complex Analysis for the approximation;
  • Approximation by neural networks and sampling-type operators;
  • Approximation by RBF and cardinal series;
  • Approximation by projection and quasi-projection operators;
  • Applications aspects of Approximation Theory to both mathematical and real world problems.



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