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Mathematical Foundations of Computing

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Special Issue of Mathematical Foundations of Computing on ‘Recent approximation methods and applications: Dedicated to occasion of 60th birthday of Prof. Vijay Gupta’

Ali Aral
aliaral73@yahoo.com, Kırıkkale University, Turkey
Tuncer Acar
tunceracar@ymail.com, Selcuk University, Turkey



This Special Issue is dedicated to Professor Vijay Gupta who is currently Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Netaji Subhas University of Technology, on the occasion of his 60th birthday (to be celebrated on 9 October, 2022), and in honor of his many achievements in real and functional analysis.


The special issue is devoted to most recent studies on approximation theory which has an extensive applications in many branches of sciences such as, computer aided geometric design, automotive industry, image processing in medical, civil engineering, seismic engineering, etc. Beyond these applications in interdisciplinary, the theory has applications in applied and theoretical mathematics. The theory has different aspects including, among the others, approximation by linear positive operators, approximation processes in quantum and post-quantum calculus, sampling series, and their applications.The aim of this special issue is to collect most recent and constructive studies being in this direction.
In this special issue we aim to attract original research as well as review articles that highlight recent advances in approximation methods from the point of view theory and applications.
Potential topics include but are not limited to:

• Approximation by linear/nonlinear operators
• Approximation by integral operators
• Simultaneous approximation
• Multidimensional problems in approximation theory
• Approximation methods in quantum and post-quantum calculus
• Sampling series and their convergence
• Applications of recent approximation methods in engineering problems
The authors are requested to submit their full research papers complying with the general scope of the journal. The submitted papers will undergo peer-review process before they can be accepted. Notification of acceptance will be communicated as we progress with the review process.



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