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The special issue of algebraic representation theory

Xueqing Chen, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, USA chenx@uww.edu

Min Huang, Research Fellow, University of Hong Kong, China; Sun Yat-sen University (Zhuhai Campus), China minhuang1989@hotmail.com

Fang Li, Zhejiang University, China fangli@zju.edu.cn

Gorenstein global dimensions relative to balanced pairsSpecial Issues
Haiyu Liu, Rongmin Zhu and Yuxian Geng
2020, 28(4): 1563-1571 doi: 10.3934/era.2020082 +[Abstract](19)+[HTML](13) +[PDF](294.33KB)

Let \begin{document}$ \mathcal{G}(\mathcal{X}) $\end{document} and \begin{document}$ \mathcal{G}(\mathcal{Y}) $\end{document} be Gorenstein subcategories induced by an admissible balanced pair \begin{document}$ (\mathcal{X}, \mathcal{Y}) $\end{document} in an abelian category \begin{document}$ \mathcal{A} $\end{document}. In this paper, we establish Gorenstein homological dimensions in terms of these two subcategories and investigate the Gorenstein global dimensions of \begin{document}$ \mathcal{A} $\end{document} induced by the balanced pair \begin{document}$ (\mathcal{X}, \mathcal{Y}) $\end{document}. As a consequence, we give some new characterizations of pure global dimensions and Gorenstein global dimensions of a ring \begin{document}$ R $\end{document}.

On n -slice algebras and related algebrasSpecial Issues
Jin-Yun Guo, Cong Xiao,  and Xiaojian Lu
2021,  doi: 10.3934/era.2021009 +[Abstract](15)+[HTML](11) +[PDF](538.39KB)

In this paper, we consider a kind of efficient finite difference methods (FDMs) for solving the nonlinear Helmholtz equation in the Kerr medium. Firstly, by applying several iteration methods, we linearize the nonlinear Helmholtz equation in several different ways. Then, based on the resulted linearized problem at each iterative step, by rearranging the Taylor expansion and using the ADI method, we deduce a kind of new FDMs, which also provide a route to deal with the problem with discontinuous coefficients.Finally, some numerical results are presented to validate the efficiency of the proposed schemes, and to show that our schemes perform with much higher accuracy and better convergence compared with the classical ones.

On inner Poisson structures of a quantum cluster algebra without coefficientsSpecial Issues
Fang Li and Jie Pan
2021,  doi: 10.3934/era.2021021 +[Abstract](15)+[HTML](11) +[PDF](308.09KB)
Picture groups and maximal green sequencesSpecial Issues
Kiyoshi Igusa and Gordana Todorov
2021,  doi: 10.3934/era.2021025 +[Abstract](15)+[HTML](11) +[PDF](534.52KB)

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