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Guide for authors


(1) Each citation and reference in your manuscript must play an essential role. (2) An explanation for each reference must be clearly integrated into the narrative of your manuscript. (3) Do not cite irrelevant works; (4) STEME seeks to foster conversations around particular issues and topics in STEM education over time. We ask authors to review former issues of STEME and, where appropriate, engage with previously published articles as part of preparing your manuscript for submission to us.

Initial Submission

Consideration of a submission requires that it has not been previously published, is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and will not be submitted for publication elsewhere while STEME is considering it nor after it is accepted for publication by STEME.

For each submission, the handling editor is to make a recommendation based on referee’s reports and either editor in chief will make decisions.

Manuscript Preparation

AIMS strongly prefers that authors use the AMS-LaTeX macro package. All author-created TeX macros and macro packages used in the paper must be included with the submission. Only standard TeX fonts can be used: Computer Modern, AMSFonts, and LaTeX symbol fonts. PostScript graphics in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format can be included and should be sent as separate files. The preferred macro package for including EPS graphics files is the LaTeX graphicx package. A LaTeX document can invoke this package by using


followed by


for each EPS graphic file. Additional graphics instructions are also available.

Submissions in Word format are also allowed. If authors prefer to submit a Word document, then please click here to download the Word template

Each paper requires an abstract not exceeding 200 words summarizing the techniques, methods and main conclusions. To facilitate key words searching and indexing, all manuscripts shall contain AMS subject classification information and key words. In order to read the changes suggested by our copy editors, you may need to use the latest Adobe Reader

After a paper has been accepted

The authors should follow the guidelines on the page to prepare the final file and copyright form.

Contributions to this journal are published free of charge.

Web Access

Electronic Research Archive is published by AIMS and is available free of charge as service to the mathematical community.




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