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Tex file preparation

Instructions for preparing final Latex & Tex files for publications in AIMS journals

Author(s) of accepted manuscripts should prepare the final Tex file, closely following the step by step Instructions for authors.

To expedite the publication of your article, it is important to closely follow the step by step guidelines contained in Instructions for authors. AIMS bibliography style file AIMS.bst is available for you to download at the bottom of this page if you choose to use Bibtex. Before sending in your complete TeX files via email, make sure they are error-free and in either AMS-LateX or AMS-TeX format (AMS-LateX is highly recommended). Templates and other downloadable files are listed below. All LATEX or TEX related files including Instructions4authors and Copyright Forms have been compressed as one single zipped file for you to download at once.

You may use your own macros ONLY for mathematical notations, but do not create your own macros for TeX Commands that are already defined in the system. AIMS class is designed compatibility with the usage of amsart document class, which makes conversion from amsart to AIMS style essentially trivial.

AIMS Templates


1.  Template for AMS-LaTeX File

2.  AIMS.cls (in place of "amsart.cls")

3.  PDF File of "Template for AMS-LaTeX File"

4.  AIMS bibliography style file AIMS.bst

5.  All LATEX related files in one

6.  Template for preface of special issue

7.  Proofreading Checklist


1.  Template for AMS-TeX File

2.  PDF File of "Template for AMS-TeX File"

3.  All TEX related files in one



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